Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Summer Fun, starring Joely and Alice and featuring Emily

With the boys away, we thought it would be the perfect time for
a girls sleepover. This is Emily Skanks one of Alice's BFF's from Girl Scouts and Church.
She's super funny and the girls are very much alike.
In fact they even look quite a bit a like.
Mostly they are silly.
The boys have friends over a lot (of course not as much as they would like) but A LOT.
The difference is they are busy killing each other on Halo or Left for Dead 2, where as the girls
Did nails, played littlest pet shop, pretty ponies, barbies and their sweet Nintendo DS games. We also watched "Princess Diaries, Royal Engagement" and the girls laughed at me while I cried during the wedding scent.
Robert and I pulled out the futon couch so they could sleep unencumbered by the TV.
The boys sleep wherever they pass out, usually holding a controller in one hand.
It was a fun evening and today proves to be fun too, A play at the community center and swimming before we take Emily home tonight.
It also promises to be filled with Giggles and Silliness and quite possibly new nail polish, we'll see.

This is at Emily's house, (before the sleepover)they have the cool backyard pool, the way the picture is taken, Alice looks like a giant, but her and Emily are about the same height.

Emily has a cute little brother named Earl Jr. who is the same as little Joely, they had fun yesterday.

On the banks of the crystal clear San Jacinto River Beach.
If you are a dedicated follower, this lovely beach has been blogged about many times,
If this is your first time here, this is one of the amenities we get in our neighborhood for our
$40 a months homeowners fees.
I love the silly beach.
It's in the neighborhood, so if we get down there and I forget the cooler, it's not like anyone is going to die of starvation, we just have to cut the visit short.
Also if I feel like going to the beach but don't' want to invest a whole day, well then here we are.

Alice is a natural for the camera- I love this swimsuit. So many of the suits this year were hoochie mamaish, and this one is nice and modest and Alice loves it.

Again, crystal Clear.
So maybe it's not the spring fed Guadalupe, but it's in my own backyard and it is a great way to beat the heat on Mondays when the pool is closed.
And like David says, "BEST OF ALL, no lifeguards yelling, Adult Swim"


Kristy said...

Looks like your summer is off and running....I love girls night so much more than boys night, and it looks like Alice has it down. Have fun, and ENJOY!

Rita said...

She looks like her Momma!!

Scrapbookallie said...

Great times, great times. I can't believe how big Joely is getting.....Wow!

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