Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If the Hurricane doesn't getcha, the "recovery" will

We are still without electricity. I finally gave up and became and evacuee. The kids and I are in Austin. Robert and Sammi stayed behind. Robert is hoping his plant will be up and running tomorrow or Thursday, if not he'll come spend the weekend with us in Austin.
It is very frusterating living in Crosby. Technically we are covered by Harris County Precinct three. I feel totally left out without any kind of city government. The Fema "PODS" are not anywhere near Crosby. Well as I type this they did add one in Highlands, which is close, but before this afternoon they had several in areas that had electricity. Now we as a family did ok, we ate out of the freezer, a ton of pork products and only had to get into the actual 72 hour kit for breakfast this morning. The cold ice ran out yesterday. The most insane part of this mess, is the lack of gas. It's crazy, I was in line for hours to get gas. People in Crosby are getting crazy from the frusteration and are ready to blow. I nearly witnessed me a killin' while in line when somebody cut in line, (allegedly just trying to get into walmart for formula, it was apparently a baby daddy) Things will get worse before they get better.
I am totally greatful that things were not worse for us and that we have a nice place to stay (with a pool) but I'm still sad and frusterated about my wee town. Pray power gets restored to all areas, not just the west side of Houston.
I'm also very sick of hearing the anti-Christ Rick Perry talking about patience and the Texas Spirit. Get some gas in the station butt munch and some ice in people's coolers, then we can be patient. So while He and George Bush are jetting around galveston, we can't get fuel for our vehicles.
We were told "don't evacuate" so we listened and now they won't even get us gas- that should be the first thing that goes out and it shouldn't be too hard logistically. Literally, I could see the Exxon refinery as I waited for gas in Baytown on Monday.
Do I sound bitter? I am!!!!


Jan said...

So glad you are OK -- I can only begin to imagine how frustrating this has to be for you. We had a 3 day period in Nashville years ago when our power was out in the winter time (ice storm) and it nearly did me in. Hang in there!

Aryn said...

Hm... a lot to respond to. First, glad you are out of there and in a safe, away-from-the-mess place. Second, how strange to not be able to get gas easily (even expensive gas). I think that would really freak me out, much more than the not having power. And third, well, there was a lot more I wanted to comment on, but I can't recall what that was. My brain being so large and all.

It's really nice (not sure that's the word I want - interesting?) to have a first-hand account. I'm checking in constantly, praying for your little family!

Yennigirl said...

I have been wondering how you're faring up there! I am glad to hear you're evacuating. I feel guilty that we have so much when so many still don't have anything! Can't wait to hear from you soon!

Lori said...

I have to know what is in the 72 hour kit. Did I miss is somewhere? I can't imagine my list of important things for 72 horus would be the same as the required kit.

4Girls4Me said...

I'm glad that you guys are relatively okay! That's gotta be rough - no electricity for 5 days?! I think you were smart to head up to Austin, even though you had to wait hours for the gas (crazy!). I'm so glad you didn't actually witness a killin'!! :)

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