Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weathering the Stomr

My friend Alex came by with her laptop and wi fi connection,so I'm doing a quick post. We are without power for a long time. I can't imagine that it will be up this week. She drove me around the neighborhood and their are trees uprooted, houses ruined and it's just one smalll comunity. Gas lines are insane. I thought it wasn't too bad, we were indeed blessed. We lost a lot of trees, but no house damage. A special thanks goes out to BRother Matt Clinger he came over with his chainsaw to cut the trees for Robert. We were able to get all the debris picked up real quick after that. We are forever greatful to him.
We lost power at 7:00 pm on Friday night, long before the storm even hit, and hte kids began to be apprehensive. So David said a very sweet prayer and asked that we all have courage and that our house would be safe and the inside would be safe. I believe it was the prayer of a faithful little boy that kept our house safe. Especailly now after seeing the destruction. My inlaws are ok and although they live in Baytown they did not flood. We just pray for the Centerpoint Energy workers to get us in power quickly.
I probably won't be able to post for awhile. We'll also probably leave and go into austin tomorrow or the next day. Look for us mom- our cell signals are sporadic at best. We still have plenty fo food and water, just really bored right now--(The DS's are no longer working and the kids are plowing through the books we checked out.)
I'm just glad it wasn't worse.


Jan said...

Thank goodness you are all OK. Here, it was really a non-event. Amazing, but true. Thank goodness for that too!

4Girls4Me said...

I'm glad you guys are all okay! So scary! My brother in Tomball got electricity back this morning - I hope yours is back soon too!! :) Thanks for keeping us posted.

April said...

Kareena, glad to hear you are all okay! We are in Dallas and Matt is on his way tomorrow. I will be posting on our blog tonight reporting our damage..see you soon.!

Aryn said...

Been waiting for this... glad all is ok, though no power since Friday?! That would be hard with little ones. Come back soon...

Kristy said...

I hope you all are well, and the power comes back soon. I mailed your cards on 9/15/08. I wondering what the mail is like or even if your getting any mail right now. Hopefully you will get your cards soon:)

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