Friday, September 12, 2008

One Last Painting...

Robert finished grilling our burgers and then we boarded up the back door. The Rain had started to sprinkle, but Alice still wanted to paint. I thought it would be funny to put the Oz reference. Alice painted some flowers and had me paint "Alice's Garden" and she's covering up her words, but they say "I love Ike"
She's adorable.
Ok so now we are officially HUNKERED down!
Hopefully it will be awhile before the power goes out and I'll post again-
We did meet some neighbors across the street, they needed some clips for their brick windows, so we helped them out. Nobody else (that I can see from my Gladys Kravits viewpoint) has boarded up.


chulah said...

I want to be the first person to validate you and say that I am so hapoy you are still alive. I am also so happy that my name made it to a BLOG. I am famous!!!!!! I want to send a copy of your blog to Anderson Cooper and all of the CNN family just to let them know how you are doing. Hang in there with the hunkering down.

Renae said...

Be brave! What an adventure for the Mullens. I went through many of your pictures here and your daughter looks so much like you, she is so cute!
Since Ike is coming your way, are you busting out the food storage yet? j/k Be safe.

Aryn said...

Stay safe down there, Kareena! And do keep posting :).

4Girls4Me said...

You are so much fun! Your kids must have a ball at your house! :) I hope you guys are doing well. I just heard that Ike's southern eye is going through Houston right now... Hopefully you guys are about doing okay and almost done... Post when you can!

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