Thursday, September 11, 2008

Huff and Puff IKE, Huff and Puff

So here is Robert, Following the orders of the Honorable Mayor Bill White of Houston to "Hunker Down and Shelter in Place."
So began the process of keeping Ike at Bay. While Robert and I were dilligently nailing the plywood to the windows, we couldn't help but notice our neighbors, preparing a different way, preparing by stocking up on liquid refreshment and playing horseshoes, ordering pizza and getting louder and louder....
I say we were nailing the plywood to the windows, Ideally we would have been screwing them in. After all, Robert has a power drill and a cordless drill, in fact I think he has two cordless drills. Turns out, according to "rob" I didn't get wood screws. HMMM.... Ibeleive it's a bad athlete that blames the equipment.. so I pose the question are there screws specifically for wood and then specifically for not wood?

Again I digress...

So we got boarded up with the minimal collateral damage, a black and blue thumb on Robert and about 10,000 mosquito bites on my legs and feet.
After we finished, I tackled the garage, you may remember(or maybe not) how I cleaned the garage for Eduardo, so that made todays task very easy, I merely had to put the bikes up again,( I'm thinking we should get those hooks,) and then con Quentin into moving the water into the house. He insisted on sweeping the floor. So the cars are secure, we have our non perishables, about 40 library books, batteries and fully charged Nintendo DS's.

Like I said Ike, "huff and puff" we are ready for you.

As it turns out, he's probably going to keep heading east and then this will all be for nothing, but as I kept telling Robert while he was nailing away, "an ounce of prevention baby, an ounce of prevention." You can imagine the love in his eyes everytime I said a cute little colloquialism.

Here are the kids not helping us put up the plywood.

Paw paw had suggested that the boys help by holding the plywood. I understand the value of work and how it helps children appreciate what we give them, but seriously-- anyone out there agree that sometimes the best help 4 children can give, is to stay in the house and play their electronic games?

As it turns out while we were sweating and practically dying, Alice had helped herself to some makeup,not just my regular makeup that I never wear, but she was busy using the glitter makeup to create some fabulous craft. The evidence was found just a few moments ago when I was clearing off the craft desk anticipating a full night of scrapping. I decided to blog instead. However Alice does look adorable in this picture as she is clearly not helping with the hurricane preparations.

Now this is adorable!!! The whole time we are boarding up, she's going from room to room inside and knocking on the windows, asking for her Mommy. She is just too too cute!!! She would have loved to have been outside helping us, but we felt in the interest of her survival, she not be around dad flinging a hammer and nails and mom potentially dropping the plywood on her cute feet. She was very happy when I finished in the garage, because I brought in the container of little people. It's a blast to find an old toy and make it new. She stayed busy for hours.


Jan said...

Your kids are the cutest! I loved seeing them -- and yay for you and the prep for Ike. Hopefully he will blow on by -- again.

Arcalee Gautier said...

Oh Kareena I was that bad neighbor you speak of that was too busy playing and drinking. We had a pre-hurricane party last night.
Meanwhile, another neighbor was diligently preparing cutting his wood and setting up his generator.
I made the comment we would be the neighborhood little pigs running over to his house from the big bad wolf IKE.

4Girls4Me said...

Your kids are adorable! :) I agree though - it takes 10 times as long to get the job done if the kids are "helping". :) Hopefully Ike will not be as big of a deal as they are saying! Keep us posted...

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