Friday, September 12, 2008

David and Quentin join the fun

This was designed by Quentin and sums up his feelings towards the hurricane- No School, and also that Halo Rocks. I like that He spelled Ike Iike, this coming from the boy who scored over 100 on every spelling test last year.
David designed the Do not Disturb. He for some reason is not pictured, probably because he beat feet back into the house to finish up his mission on the computer or on Halo 3. He's sooo happy to be off school, we don't have the heart to explain, he'll make it up later.

Robert added a little to Quentin's board and put a picture, or his rendition of Paw Paw. A little tribute to the man that made it all possible.

My friend Heather Moulton called today and apparently Anderson Cooper (the tool) anounced

"Evacuate or Die"

Well I just want to calm any fears, there is no need to evacuate from this area, we are not in the realm of a storm surge. We don't live near the Bay. We live by the San Jacinto River and Lake Houston, but far enough away that no damage can brought on by a storm surge.
Galveston and my beloved Surfside however aer another story. They havn't even received rain yet and the storm surge has completly flooded Surfside Island and has made it impossible to leave Galvestion (allegedly, I'm using the new as my guide, and we all know they are biased)

Keep praying to the "God of your choice" that the winds are not to rough and that the pressure rises so the storm's intensity falls.

I'll post again before the power goes.


Nichole said...

Are you going to find it funny when one of the kids (I predict Joely) graffiti's your house in pink paint. Again, here I am with my sunny personality.

Nichole said...

aaackkk...a typo!

Kareena Mullens said...


Kareena Mullens said...


4Girls4Me said...

Like I said, you are such a fun mom!! I feel less worried about you knowing that you are safely boarded up! :) - and nicely decorated in the process! Hope you guys are doing okay!

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