Friday, September 12, 2008

The calm before the storm....

Here are some fun photos of Robert, Alice and I having fun at Ike's expense, we are sooo hoping he has a good sense of humor. Below are pictures I took to prepare for my law suit against the builder next door and Harris County/TXDot

Ok so they tore down the forest next door and began building this house in June. It should be done by now, right? Well it's not and not only is it not done, they went ahead and left a ton of debris out front, debris that the news says could turn into a missile. "If you can pick it up, the wind can throw it"

So I'm sure the "extra strong" orange plastic will keep the debris from flying at my house-- So if there is anyone in Crosby who thinks I overeacted to boarding my windows, this is why. I live next door to a dumpsite!

To be honest, I'm a little greatful they left the Port O can, just in case the sewer backs up, we'll have a safe place to "take care of business"

Ok, so Harris County, working in Concert with TX DOT (texas department of transportation) approved like a gazillion dollars to "improve" the drainage on our street. This "improvement" means they spent a couple of months tearing up curbs and yards to put in basically the same dang curb, only in white instead of standard issue gray. They didn't repair the roads when they were "done." Well on Tuesday, they had the bright idea to come and destroy the curbs next door and across the street, and just leave it there with wood and the highway cones. I'm sure this won't cause a problem with drainage or wind damage.

This is my driveway and my post box to give you an idea of how close this is-- Pretty lame, especially given the fact they didn't work the whole month of August. Robert and I assumed that they stopped getting paid. Clearly they get paid by the hour and not by the job.

I'm sure I'll post more and more until Ike turns off our power. We are ready, the laundry is done and put up, the dishes are clean, the freezer has ice and we'll be filling our drinking coolers soon. I just need to vacuum. Robert wants to set up a little camping area so we'll do that soon too. They are expecting landfall sooner than they said before and the bad weather (before the storm) will probably be here by lunchtime.

Let the Games begin!


Jan said...

Austin is already filling up with people -- Mark has to spend the morning at the Stake Center helping refugees get all signed in and hooked up with their assigned host family. Stay safe!!

Arcalee Gautier said...

My neighbors would have thought I was insane had I written notes on our boarded windows. Colorful and fun to look at!

Kristy said...

Good luck with Ike!! Greg has been watching the weather channel to see what happens, since his main office is in Down Town Houston. They have already shut things down there. We will be thinking of you guys. Happy camping:)
PS~ I'm glad that you have a back up plan with the potty. Hopefully is doesn't blow far away from you;)

mom2boys said...

Kareena Lee - My favorite Mormon sister : ) I love your blog - I'm here often now and you never fail to crack me up!

Nichole said...

You are ever the first thought when I saw the Port-o-Potty is that it was going to blow all over your house! I also love the paint on the is my favorite color!!!

Have fun hunkerin' down.

Kareena Mullens said...

Hey thanks for the validation ladies!!! We are having fun "hunkerin' down.

Steph said...

You crack me up with some of the things you say. Just checking in on you. Hope you are all doing alright. Been thinking about you for a week.

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