Monday, September 08, 2008

Paw Paw is a ROCKSTAR!!!!

So this morning after the kids were on the bus, Joely and I were snuggling, just ready to have a little cat nap, when I hear the doorbell. When I got closer I saw a man messing with my windows, I was ascared, but then I realized the man was PAW PAW.
Paw Paw? You ask?? Well Paw Paw is what southerners call their grandpa. So in reality it was Robert's dad, also named Robert but referred to by family as Bobby.
He had come to make the plywood I purchased actually useful. You see when a hurricane is coming, you dont' just buy plywood and put it in the garage or shed, you need to cut it to fit the windows. So that's what he did this morning for two hours. His only paycheck was two "gimmee shirts" and a warm feeling in his heart. At the end he was talking about Hurricane Alisha. He said that was the only time they boarded up windows etc. I said, "well you are set then, you won't have to do any work, just clip them in."
Well actually he had used the plywood to build something for his Father in Law, so he's going to buy some plywood and cut it up for himself. He took care of us first though! He's a good man!

He brings his own tools and saw horses, you'd think he was an eagle scout since he's always prepared!

He Even showed me how to install them. IT shouldn't be too hard even with Robert's help.

Bobby thinks we should leave the windows boarded up, just to make it easier, if Ike hits this weekend. What do you think?

Warning- Prepare for Schmaltz, if you are diabetic, take a shot of insulin, it's 'fixin' to get really really cheesy!

I'm so glad we live by family. I can't tell you how many times Paw Paw has come to the rescue, once when my battery died, he took the kids to school, changed the battery, bought me a new one and installed it. He's watched the girls countless times to make things easy for me. Sue (aka Maw Maw) is helpful too, but since she's not retired yet, she helps out by spoiling kids on weekends/holidays and giving them new shoes, clothes, DS and Wii Games!

Robert's Maw Maw (Bobby's mom) and Paw Paw Walter and Dorothy (Sue's parents) are fun to visit and I enjoy my time with them too. They are good for spoiling the kiddos. They live close by Robert's parents.

Mom and Dad live about 200 miles away, but still its close enough that they don't miss out on games, performances, birthdays or Performances. Right now Mom (we call her grandma, I aint from here) is sewing some skirts for Miss Priss who hates pants and doesn't like the current selection of hoochie mama looking skirts. Also they come and watch the kids for me too, I know if Paw Paw wasn't here, Dad (grandpa) would bring his saw and help us cut the wood. It's nice to know we are not alone in this little joyride through life.

I also love that my kids have sooo many aunts and uncles that adore them as well. They are very loved and cared for!

In fact if this Hurricane Ike has it's way, my parents will miss out on their first Grandparents Day Luncheon, and that will be both Bogus and Sad. OF course they can come any day and make it Grandparents day and the boys will understand, I just wonder about Alice....


4Girls4Me said...

That's so awesome! I'm so glad you have that. Family is what it's all about. I swear that having Corey in town has kept me out of the Looney Bin on countless occasions... :) And last year, when I was 7 months pregnant & my hot water heater broke while Mike was out of town, Jeff was here all day replacing it. Now I'm so excited to finally have my parents in town too! We're both lucky. I hope Ike doesn't keep your Mom & Dad from their Grandparents' Day Luncheon! :)

Galadriel said...

Cheese puff! Paw Paw does rock. I drove by and saw him working so hard. Although, you should give yourself a little credit too... Not many friends would offer to take 3 children in addition to their own for two entire days so I could go visit my sister. Friends... I guess I'm a cheese puff too! Thanks a mill...

Yennigirl said...

Oh . . . . that is what we miss the most here!! Waaaaaaaaa!! Also, I wish my princess didn't like the hoochie mama skirts so in fashion right now. How did you manage that?

Aryn said...

What a nice tribute to your family. Family's invaluable. Thanks for the reminder that I need to get back to blogging! I go through these lulls.. not sure why... always nice to have a kick in the bootie to make you sit down and write again! :)

Aryn said...

p.s. Got any more pictures of you in the scout suit? My, that was enjoyable. :)

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