Sunday, September 07, 2008

A few things I've worked on lately...

I belong to an online group of likeminded scrapbooking ladies. We've been "virtual" friends for almost 4 years-- well part of our friendship involves sharing our creative outlet. Last year I started a circle journal as a sub group within the group... (if you are interested in what a circle journal is click here) So these are some pages that I have completed recently.
DISCLOSURE--- this is only interesting if you like scrapbooking, and really only marginal at that. Specifically it's interesting to Arcalee, Lori, Brenda and Amanda Hugnkiss--

The picture at the top of the blog, is what I made for Lori's CJ last year, of course being late and never on time (same thing, redundant, discursive) Lori is just now getting it- It's a good thing Lori is loving and kind, and has 4 kids, one husband a home business and teaches school. I think she also recently got a new puppy from Nigeria.

This is for Lori's Circle Journal (CJ) her journal is about our dream vacations. Since meeting Robert we've talked about going to Costa Rica. I've done different research and learned about it, after visiting Brazil again, I'd like to go to Cosat Rica. This is a two page layout.

This is for Brenda's CJ- her Journal theme is "what Disney Character do you most identify with?"-- Realistically I relate to one of the princesses, I'd like to have servants etc. But Disney princesses are usually mired in tragedy and have step-mothers. That's sooo not the case with me. And well I like to BELEIVE that I'm like Cinderella (pre-prince charming) and go around singing "Day and night it's Cinderella, do the dishes do the laundry...etc." we all know that's not realistic... I would have chosen Tinkerbell, she's awesome, but I know Nichole (another circle journaler and all around cool cool person- my sister from another mister) already chose her, so I went with Kim Possible. She rocks she can Do ANYTHING!!! I would have liked to have been as cool as her in high school or now- I love the show.

This is for Amanda's CJ- Her theme is Friendship quotes. She was also very specific on the color scheme, of course I did not have enough of the colors that were pretty, so I went with this combo, which was allowed in her instructions. She has the "virtual" friends from Missouri to her house each month, so she has a ton of Friendshp pictures to scrapbook.

And Last but not least, this is an "altered" journal I made for Amanda. These are fun to make and I get to use my favorite retro item, Modge Podge.


Jan said...

I'm not one of those people you listed and I"m definitely not a scrapbooker, but I loved looking!

Adrienne said...

One word--TALENT. Two words--FREE TIME...That's your winning combination right there. Good work SweetMamaK!

Arcalee Gautier said...

Marvelous dahling!

Glad you caught up, mine is coming your way on Friday. It's a fun one.

Lori said...

I love being mentioned in your blog sister. Makes me seem famous. Excited to get my pages!

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