Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Maybe Rick Perry Read my Blog

Hmm I received an automated phone call this morning from the superintendent of Crosby ISD. The National Guard was set up in the High School giving out MRE's, Ice and Water. IN my very egocentric mind, I have to beleive that Rick Perry,(click here for a photo of him-he's in the hat) does not want me angry with him! LOL-
My friend Mellissa called and her grandma has power. She lives over by the Kindergarten, so that's good news. She also spoke with some linemen on her street and they were there accessing damages and would be coming back. So I guess Recovery is finally making it to Crosby.


Kristy said...

I hope everything at home is up and running soon for you. What a pain!!!!! This little Houston thing has made me want to get more food storage, and update paperwork, and 72 hour kits. I hope your cards make it to you. They are so cute. I haven't got yours yet. I haven't cked the mail today yet. GoodLuck, and I hope all is better soon.

Kareena Mullens said...

I got a phone call from Alice's teacher today, she lives in our neighborhood and noticed the van gone. She wanted to make sure Alice was ok- was a sweet lady, we are so blessed to have her for a teacher, and also apparently a neighborhood watch person!

Jan said...

still laughing at the phone call from Rick Perry (ha!) -- but so glad things might be looking up soon. And how great to get a phone call from a teacher -- love it!

chulah said...

Kareena, I am waiting for your speaking circuit to hit my area about "How to Really Use your 72 hour kit When a Natural Disaster Hits." I am so sorry you are suffering through all of this. It sounds like you have good people around you that really care about you. Hang in there. What an adventure and what stories you will have to tell your grandchildren!

4Girls4Me said...

Your blog makes me laugh!! (Even in your time of crisis!) I love your so-appropriate blog soundtrack!! :) I hope everything at home is back to normal for you soon! I do feel kind of guilty enjoying my nice electricity! So sweet of Alice's teacher!

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