Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Adult Swim

This Evening we went to the pool, after a few minutes of swimming, it was time for the dreaded whistle calling for "adult swim, " few things make David mad, but adult swim is one of them. Luckily we were able to get back in the water real quick, just about 15 minutes later. The pool is fun, with a big kiddie wade pool , a small pool that goes to 4 feet and then a big one.
Alice and Quentin (in the front)

You won't find me in the kiddie pool or the 4 foot pool, there are too many kids without diapers in them and too many warm spots (if you catch my drift). I think a lot of adults don't know how to swim, because the big pool area is usually pretty sparse. I'm glad the boys can swim and that Alice is finally agreeing to swim. Joely the fish loves her suit and is happiest in the deep waters.

Deep in the middle is David's head

After that I stopped taking pictures. We are heading to Surfside Texas tomorrow for two days in a cabin on the beach. It will be a lot of fun to wake up and be at the beach and just be beach bums. It's also a great blessing to have Robert on vacation to join us. We'll head out early and go to the Sea Center in Lake Jackson. We've never visited it and it's free and on the way, so we'll check it out- Then it's the beach until Friday afternoon.

We found out about Surfside from some friends in Henderson. It's a nice sleepy town on the Gulf and the beach is a lot less crowded than Galveston. I fell in love with it and we've visited for day trips a lot. This will be our first (but not last) overnight trip. The boys are bringing their boogie boards and snorkeling gear and I'm bringing a book to read and a nice lounge chair.

So I won't be blogging for a few days, unless of course we are equipped with WI-FI- but I doubt that-

In my previous post, my friend Jenny Bybee was teasing me (I hope she was teasing- I would hate to offend her) that I didn't give her blog a cutesie name like the rest of the ones on my list-- so I did change her blog name to the BEST BLOG EVER- Jenny is someone I met when Robert and I lived in Spring Branch. Back then I only had two boys and she had one. I always admired her because of her patience and her peaceful way of raising her cute little son. She was always so healthy too and I loved hearing her talk about whole wheat and different recipes she would try with all the good for you ingredients. She graciously helped my friends Adrienne and HEather and I collate a huge cookbook for our old ward. I never told her how much I admired her, and so this is a shout out to you JENNY BYBEE- you rock and always have- I should have told you earlier.

I was thinking that I don't often tell people the good effects they have had on me, and this morning I was contemplating the hymn "Each Life that Touches us for Good" and one verse says

"What greater gift does thou bestow, What greater goodness can we know, Than Christ Like ways whose gentle ways, Strengthen our faith, enrich our days"

So I guess that's why this post ends about an old friend that I'm glad to still be in contact with- I guess I should thank Al Gore too, he's the one who invented the internet, which makes it DANG easy to stay in contact!


jenny said...

WOW!!! Don't I feel sheepish!! Thanks for the compliments - too bad I can't keep up with your expectations of being so patient with my kids! I'm so glad we're in touch again!

4Girls4Me said...

So fun! My kids all love to swim, so we sprung for a membership at an awesome outdoor pool by our house. It even has a separate adult pool, so we don't have to endure the dreaded Adult Swim! :) It really is so fun to read your blog and see what you are up to these days! You have an awesome family! I hope you all enjoyed your beach vacation! I've heard Surfside is beautiful!

Galad said...

Love the pictures. Water is the best vacation. Sadie loves the slide shows!!

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