Sunday, July 06, 2008

Funny, it doesn't look clean.....

But trust me it is...
This is my "craft desk"- Robert lovingly refers to it as my "crap" desk. Before I started to clean this up It was piled high on top and all over the floor. I guess I should have done a before and after shot. It sure makes it hard to find things and make things, when I have my supplies all over the place. I find great peace and inspiration when I have my desk cleared for working.
On one side I do all the stamping, I even have a special mat, just for that and then I turn 45 degrees and I have my cutting/glitter/color/embellish mat. That mat was at one time my quilting mat. Once upon a time I learned how to quilt, I'm just glad I never threw away my tools as they have come in handy when I do my scrapbooks.
I have a couple of projects I want to get done, one is my poor mom's mother's day gift and my poor dad's fathers day gift. It's a good thing they love me and accept my late gifts. I also need to finish my promised pages for Delyla's Book and actually scrapbook some pictures for the kids books. I don't ever feel stressed that I don't have all their books up to date, I know I'll have plenty of time to do them, the important thing is taking the pictures and keeping them in order. That I actually do! I also don't worry about doing things chronologically, that get's pretty boring. Sometimes I'll do some old Holiday pictures or Baby Pictures, but what I like to do most is what we are doing now.
I am greatful I have a creative outlet and that this is now being considered an art form, because I can't paint, draw or sew, but I have fun doing my pages and using different elements. I ADORE stamping and doing fun things with the stamps and inks. I know one day the kids will be proud of mom's works of "heart" and they will serve as a testament, that I was a Good Mommy!
I'm waxing a wee bit nostalgic because when I was clearing things up, I found an envelope of old pictures of Quentin and David (before we had the girls) and I realize how much the've grown- soon they'll be nine and ten and next month (YIKES) they'll be in third and fourth grade.
I can't beleive that Alice will be leaving me to go to the mean streets of Crosby Kindergarten, she's been my partner for these last three years without her brothers being home. I told Robert he needs to be sure to take her first day of school off, because I'll be home crying in the fetal position.
(not pictured is my paper supply--My paper is all neat in 12x12 drawers, so neat I sometimes can't find jus the "right" piece of paper....)

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4Girls4Me said...

So fun! I have a similar desk with a similar problem! I don't get much done either - I always joke that I won't have Empty Nest Syndrome because I will have 30 years of pictures to scrapbook... How exciting that Alice is off to Kindergarten this year! Skye is off to 1st grade & I'm devastated! Who will go to lunch with me??

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