Monday, July 07, 2008

Life is Good!

Morning started about 10:30 this morning, Robert reading the paper and two little clingons watching Scooby Doo-

The agenda for today was to include Brazos Bend State park, but I thought we could do without the drive or the heat, even though it's listed as one of the top ten parks in THE NATION to visit. To me it's not worth visiting in the summer if I can't swim, and Brazos Bend is chock full of alligators so there isn't any swimming. Suffice it say Robert was able to take over the streets of Liberty City and then he took the older kids to the Crosby Park. Joely took a nap and I worked on a layout, but mostly I listened to music and read the blog world, which I am now addicted to.

Dinner was grilled chicken breasts, roasted squash, aparagus and whole wheat penne pasta (Inspired by Jenny's Blog) David nearly barfed with the pasta, but everyone else liked it.
Lunch was hot dogs for some and broccoli cheese soup for others, since nobody was awake in time for breakfast we didn't have any! A great way to keep costs down, sleep through meals!

Don't tell Alice, but Joely used her spot on my craft desk- she's sure a cutie and was doing good with the scizzors!


jenny said...

What about my blog inspired WW Penne Pasta??? And why does everyone else get "fab" etc. in front of their names and I just get "Jenny"??? What are you trying to say - that I'm not interesting, that I am a whiner and you just doing want to put "Whiny Jenny". I can handle it!!! :)

jenny said...

P.S. I mean DON"T instead of DOING

jenny said...

P.P.S. How on earth do you have time to do a blog a day? Oh yeah . . . get up at 5 am!! Not worth it to me!

Kareena Mullens said...

Jenny it was all about your kids cooking and eating the different foods- instead of like mine, frozen pizza, ham sandwiches, etc..... I'll be quick to change your name on my blog--to better represent your fabulousity!

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