Saturday, July 12, 2008

So Glad to know Galad....

Galadriel Hutchings-with her littlest Hutchings
Today's fun was at Galadriel's (galad's) daughter's fifth birthday. I took my camera and the batteries are dead, so I had to steal this picture of her from her website. I met Galad in November 2000, Quentin had just turned one and David was two and I was a basket case. I decided to start a "mommy group" with the ladies from my church. At the time several new people had moved in and I decided to be brave and call and invite them to the park with my friend Adrienne. So I called and left a stupid message on Galad's machine, I was certain she would think me a freak and hit delete. Fortunatly she was out of town and Wade called me back and said Galad would LOVE to be in the group and he'd make sure she came when she got back from California. Little did I know that would start a wonderful friendship.
I'm so glad that she's a non-biological aunt to my kids and they love her. David would rather be with her and her kids than with us any day. Even though Robert and I moved away from Houston for four years, we stayed in touch. Fortunatly when I moved away, unlimited long distance came into being and with cell phones, we were able to still talk through things. Usually I talk to her 5 out of 7 days, the weekends I usually call if something really traumatic happened ( a new calling at church or ER visit)
There are times that Galad talked me back of the ledge, I'll always be greatful for her love and friendship. I will also be greatful for her children, I love seeing them grow and spending time with them too. If only I lived in her side of town...
Here is a now funny story, but at the time the only thing stopping me from beating the boys into oblivion was Aunt Galad.-- I had put the boys down for a nap and I thought they went right to sleep. Robert was at work and back then, I NEVER called him at work- so I go to check on the boys a couple of hours later and they had not been asleep, but had carefully unloaded an entire HUGE MEGA SAMS SIZE container of vaseline. They had painted themselves, the walls, their bedding, the floor, it was a nightmare- I cried and cried and cried. I put them in the tub, but nothing would help, because it's designed to detract water- I had no idea where to start, so I called Galad and cried and cried- She assured me I'd laugh later, and I'm happy to report that now 7 years later, I can laugh and I can't wait to share this story with my grandkids!
So this blog goes out to Galadriel!
A side note, I actually have two friends named Galadriel, how wierd is that? I mean how many Galadriel's do you know? Probably none and really only true Tolkien fans even know the signifigance of their name. It's even more significant because these ladies are in their (early) thirties, so it's long before the movies brought Tolkien to the masses.
The other friend Galadriel goes by the name of Gala


Galad said...

I love a blog about me. You know you are my best friend and love you too. We have gotten each other so far through motherhood and are kids are still here!! That has to be an accomplishment.

Yennigirl said...

Hey Galad,
Whenever I think of you I think of you saying, "The 90's were such and ugly time with all of that 'let's all do the natural look. I NEED make up!'" I laugh about it all the time. And yes, I am still make up free!!

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