Friday, July 11, 2008

View from our Cabin

We just got home from our Beach Vacation- It was sooo much fun. David and Quentin initially compared it to the white sands of Florida and were a little dissapointed, but it didn't take them long to enjoy the Warm Waters of the Texas Gulf Coast. I loved pretending it was our own private beach, since hardly anyone was visiting the beach. It's such a nice quiet place, it is just a little beach town, the perfect place to relax.

This is Little Joely on the way to the beach, She's a pepper too!

I am pretty worn out from all the fun and I'm going to rinse off the beach from this morning, enjoy my slide show- Thanks for looking! Oh and I previously reported that we were going to be in Surfside, well I was wrong, Quintana is NEAR Surfside, but it's a whole other town.

I'll be sure to wax nostalgic about the whole trip so look forward to my pearls of wisdom in a future post!


Yennigirl said...

That looks so fun! We loved Surfside and this looks even better! I need the details of renting there!

4Girls4Me said...

So fun! Joely is just the cutest little thing - I love her name too. :)

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