Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Good Morning! I'm up early because David and Quentin had their friends Jacob and Daniel come over, at six am.. What was I thinking???? They are rockin' the house to the sounds of Super Smash Brawl, my least favorite Wii game. I am, apparently in the minority because any other kid beleives this is the best game since Lego Star Wars. So Since I am awake and there is no chance of going back to sleep, I decided to post some photos from our crazy weekend-

This is Quentin waiting for the parade to start.

In Crosby, Texas, the fourth of July parade was on June 28th. Which makes sense. Technically I was the LIC (leader in charge) which was not a good use of pack resources. What do I know about parades? It had been 29 years since I was in my first/last parade. I don't know about floats, but we did have a nice family offer to pull a trailer, they made benches for the boys to sit on and we deocorated with dollar store things. I'm not from Texas, I wasn't raised around parades for football games, festivals and pageants.

And here is her Royal Higness, wearing her dance hat from Mrs. Carol and her official "ME TOO" uniform, it says, "little scout buddy"

When Alice and I were at the party store getting the candy for the floats, she gravitated to the Mardi Gras Isle to pick up necklaces and gold coins to throw

I decided it would be fun to walk along side the float- It wasn't. The parade went a lot faster than I thought it would. I just was glad I wasn't marching with a Tuba or something. At one point I was running - and finally I ran right into the back of the truck and sat down in the AC.

This is what David would have looked like, had he come to the parade. He asked me if he "had to go" and I said, he could make the choice to go or not, he quickly changed out of his uniform and said he'd go to the Battleship that night, but he had no interest in the parade. Thankfully Quentin and Alice wanted to go, or I would have been an angry scout mama.

This is the actual float

Ok so I'm going to publish this, I'll post pictures later of the Battleship overnight experience.

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4Girls4Me said...

So fun! It's amazing what kind of talents you can develop once you have kids! :) I think the float looked great! It's so fun seeing the kids!! I'm so excited that you have a blog now!

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