Thursday, July 03, 2008

Greetings From The San Jacinto River
In the Newport Subdivision of Crosby Texas, for a mere $40 a month you get such amazing ammenities like your street being torn up, a lovely duck pond with a fountain, an olympic sized pool, an elementary school for just third and fourth grade and the best of all, the River Beach! Located on the picturesque San Jacinto River, we have a private beach. We love to come here more than the pool. If you ask David it's beacuse he hates "adult swim"-- it seems everytime we go to the pool, it's the ten minute adult swim time, that turns into 20 minutes of the lifeguards flirting with each other while we bake. If you ask me, I like that for the most part, nobody comes down here, its real peaceful and there are gorgeous birds to watch. Some "old salts" have told me that alligators swim up an down the San Jacinto, but this is our third summer here and I havn't seen any. I did see a snake once, and I'll be honest, it freaked me out a bit.
This is kind of a bad picture of my friend and her kids and my kids. We've been friends with them since Quentin was one-- we each have 4 kids and they are all about the same age-- I'm so glad we've stayed in touch over the years and the kids still love to see their faux cousins. If you look closly at the grainy photo you can see the lochness monster...

Oh we also have a Marina that goes into Lake Houston and we can camp here too, but we don't have a boat, and if I'm going to camp, I'll go a little bit further than the back of the subdivision. I complain a lot, but I love our neighborhood. One of my favorites is that I often don't have to use my own electricity to listen to music, my neighbors are very generous with their music, we can hear it all night long! Their house is for sale!

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