Saturday, July 05, 2008

The lost art of the Fondue

Tonight was Fondue night, and I believe that eating Chocolate Fondue with children is and should be a bloggable event. For Christmas this year I got a fondue pot and we began enjoying the lost art of the fondue. Quentin saw the pineapple in the grocery bags yesterday and suggested we dip it in chocolate. This was Joely's first time to be involved. She was more interested in licking the marshmallows and feeding Robert.
This was a great way to end day two of Robert's vacation, oh and Joely called him Robert today, very cute!


Kristy said...

Joely is sooooo cute. She has grown up to be such a little lady. Natalie loved your blog. She thinks Alice is so cute too, and can't believe she as grown up so fast. She was just a baby when we left Texas. Can't leave out the boys. So handsome!! Both of them. Robert and you look good too. Your such an involed mommy, as always. You know I would never do fondue~ TO MESSY!!! Some things never change. (lots of smile's) love ya all & miss ya too.

geraldandmeganlove said...

Fondu is a lost art. I am sure that the kids loved it. I know I did when I was a kid. Good Times, Good Times!!!

4Girls4Me said...

Absolutely a bloggable event! So fun!! :)

Yancey Family said...

yum yum yum A yumma yumma yum!I want to fondue with you!

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