Friday, July 04, 2008

Let Freedom Ring

Freedom Fest Fireworks in Baytown Texas

Ok so my camera isn't great at taking pictures of the dark night illuminated by incendiaries, but it is great at taking pictures of cheesy kiddos
Joely just hit David and took his Glasses, He still gave her some Kool-aid

Joely now says CHEESE

It's officially a Mullens family tradition, we go to Baytown for the fourth of July Fireworks. It's a tradition because we've now done it two years in a row. We head down Garth Road and park at the Harris County Annex building for Mental Health. We have a great view and no crowds, we just have to fight with the extra large Texas Size Mosquitos. This year Grandma and Grandpa Mullens came and enjoyed the show. Last year they stayed behind and kept little Baby Joely at their house, this year, she is far too old to be left behind.

While I was driving to get groceries today, I saw several U-Haul Trucks, which gave me some horrible flashbacks to indedpence days of the past. Twice Robert and I were messing with U-hauls, one that was just a move across Houston and the one two years ago when we were getting ready to move to Crosby from East Texas, I hope we never revisit the U-haul company again, on any holiday- especially in the middle of summer. Both times I was pregnant, aah the nightmares of those days!
The show continues in Crosby, our neighbors are setting off all manor of fireworks, roman candles and things that I'm pretty sure you should have special schooling and a liscense from the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to light. It reminds me of Nightime over Baghdad during the first Gulf War or New Years Eve in Laredo- either way, we can watch from the comforts of our front room.


Christina said...

Hey, apparently I do not have your email address in this new computer. I looked in my address book and I am not seeing it.


jenny said...

Wow! You have been quite the prolific blogger!! I love to see what you are up to. Our fireworks got rained out so we watched them on TV. How SAD!

Brianne said...

Sounds like we missed out on lots of fun, be we did experience the tx size mosquitos! We ended up having all 4 missionaries, but kicked them out in time to light some fireworks and enjoy some from the neighborhood.

Kristy said...

Hey girl,
welcome to the blogging world. I have missed talking to you> the kids are so big> visit my blog anytime!!

4Girls4Me said...

Your cheesy kiddos are so much cuter than illuminating incendiaries anyway! :) It sounds like you guys had a great 4th of July!

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