Thursday, July 03, 2008

Some Fun in Austin

The two darling princesses and I went to Austin to see Mom, Dad and Uncle Brian. It was entitled, Alice's Vacation. David and Quentin had gone to Florida with Robert's parents and we wanted to make sure Princess number one had a very special time. She was able to see two movies, Kung Fu Panda and Nim's Island and eat pizza at Gatti Land. The best part for all three of us, was just lounging in the pool and eating cookies from Grandma. My friend Carla Salas came over for dinner and a swim one night and it was great to see her, we've been friends for 19 years or so and she's still as beautiful as ever. In fact every time we get together she is more amazing than the last. I wish I would have been smart enough to take a picture!
You may be asking yourself a good question, Why is Kareena up early again? The answer is simple. I'm meeting some of my girlfriends at nine in the morning. If I go back to sleep now, I"ll still be asleep then. I recently was given a beautiful piano from my friend Gala.

So since I have the piano, I really have been practicing. My friends Brianne, Meghan and the aforementioned Gala are going to be singing in church soon, and I want to accompany them, this morning will be a run through practice, with just the melody. I'll practice the piano part later. I'm also the pianist now in Primary, and i'm enjoying that. It's funny that I can play a lot of songs, but then some songs really throw me, like Do as I'm Doing, which you'd think would be an easy song. If you did not ever go to a Mormon Primary, you may not know this song, but it's super fun and the kids request it every week. Last night I practiced "I love to see the Temple" which before last night I could play it ok with my own version of the bottom hand, but I thought that I owe it to the chorister and the kids to be able to play the core songs perfectly.

So since I'm playing "I love to see the temple" This is what the closest temple looks like.

Speaking of "Doing as I'm Doing" This is Quentin with his little Clone, Joely. She has to help practice the piano. David, Quentin and Alice are all now taking lessons. They are doing great and they seem to enjoy it. David asked me why I wanted him to learn the piano and I said, it's because I want them to be able to play the hymns while they are on their missions.

Today our plans are to do laundry and then go to the River Beach with The Hutchings after lunch. I'll be sure to bring my camera! Have a good day y'all!

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4Girls4Me said...

Wow - Kareena! Your kids are all so precious!! It looks like they all inherited your awesome hair! :) My hubby has a natural afro, but all my kids got my super-straight hair. That's so cool that you are the Primary pianist! How fun! Your blog is so fun to read!

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